One of the problems we run into are law firms with multiple practice areas.

The sites might be full of great content on dozens of practice areas. But nowhere to be found in search engines no matter what you search for.

The reason is simply that SEs don’t know what the site is all about. There are too many keywords, so none of them are taken seriously. In other words – the SE is confused and degrade the site.


Set up mini-sites with very specific practice area as the key words.

This is one of many practice areas for a NJ law firm. The focus is on NJ tax appeal only. And the content is useful information – and less about the lawfirm itself. Links are provided to the main site, but often the visitor will contact the lawfirm directly for that practice area site.

We set these mini-sites up for $750 including domain and hosting. We also add inbound links to the sites to trigger search engines. These links are properly formatted with the keywords.