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If your existing web site is not producing results, or you need a brand new web site – I will look at your site and let you know how, if at all I can help.


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How to make your website a client magnet.

You are an attorney.

Your web site does not produce the leads you were hoping for or you don’t have a web site. A lot depends on it, a web site is a considerable investment in time and money.

  • What do you want? A design masterpiece?
  • An award winning web site?
  • Or do you want to see results?


For a site to produce qualified leads and sales.

Your website needs to be compelling.

  • Visitors must like the site, not get annoyed by movies and other flashy graphics.
  • You have to make them want to stay so they can make a decision to proceed.
  • Credibility needs to be established, and the verbiage must be persuasive without being pushy.
  • The site also needs to be optimized for search engines. Surprisingly, something we found most sites are not.

We spend a considerable amount of time learning about our client’s practice and specialties.
After we analyze your site we will propose to customize your site. To make it unique and compelling. Addressing the wants and needs of your potential client.

We believe that template web sites will look like every other law firm on the block – so we don’t use templates. Each site is unique although we adhere to a standard “Look And Feel” that we have found to be the most effective.

Isn’t that expensive? Yes, it can be. If you have an existing site not producing the results you want, you need to shop around. You MUST get a firm that understands law law firms. It’s unique, and a pretty web site without the right terms and verbiage just won’t cut it.

How many new clients will you need to justify such an expense? One? Three? Once it’s done there is little on-going cost.

“Your web site is ‘warm and fuzzy’ and definitely puts the reader at ease, while creating/building a relationship that makes the reader comfortable with you … they like you and want to buy from you. I am proof of how that worked. You are indeed a maestro!” Lawyer comments.


Creating a client magnet web site is not easy.