Law Firm Marketing Services

Since 2001 I and my team have worked with law firms to improve web lead generation.


This is what we do:

    • We work mostly with small to medium law firms who want more than a “brochure web site”.
    • Our clients’ web sites get high rankings on most search engines and generate qualified law client referrals to their law firms.
    • This is accomplished by ensuring the site complies with the current search engine ways to index and rank a site.
    • This changes often, so we stay on top of the latest changes.
    • We also track client sites using SEO performance tools and provide a detailed summary every month.


Mobile Friendly Websites

63% of all searches comes from mobile devices. Is your current website mobile friendly? Google now penalize sites for being non-responsive. If your site looks like the one on the right you might be losing over 50% of all inquiries.

Google Ad Management

Advertising on Google for law firms is very competitive. So it is important that the ads are set up right and managed on a weekly basis. We do that for you so you don’t have to worry.


Getting ranked on search engines is very difficult these days. It used to be much easier. From over 20 years of experience in website optimizations we have created a strategy that works. We monitor performance and deliver a comprehensive report monthly.


Website improvements

Are you not getting the inquiries you expect from your site? We can help.


Your website needs to be compelling.

  • Visitors must like the site, not get annoyed by movies and other flashy graphics.
  • You have to make them want to stay so they can make a decision to proceed.
  • Credibility needs to be established, and the verbiage must be persuasive without being pushy.
  • The site also needs to be optimized for search engines. Surprisingly, something we found most sites are not.