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Search Engine Rankings and Placements | SearchEngine Marketing

I have spent countless hours/days/weeks - years, actually - trying to figure out the search engine marketing game. I now have over 500 sites on various topics, many nicely in the top 8-10 on search engine search results.

With millions of law firm web sites competing for attention, it is getting increasingly difficult to get a law firm site to even show up in Google or MSN - never mind on the top 20.

More info: Article published in Law Practice Management Blog

What's the SEO trick?

SearchEngine Marketing - Site key word selection.

You can't expect to compete with 22,000,000 others on generic keywords. ("Criminal lawyer"). Although, as illustrated above - it is possible. You need to be more specific. "Criminal Defense Lawyer San Francisco" has about 3,100,000 results. Better.

WebSite SEO Optimization.

There are a number of methods to optimize a site. The title heading, keyword metatags etc. Most of these are fairly well know to designers. The hard part is to use the key words in normal, marketing text. It's not as easy as it sounds. Simple phrases throw off the site focus in an instant. If you want rankings - the content has to be razor sharp.

Links from other sites.

This is now NUMBER ONE search engine ranking factor. Here's the secret: the links need to be from different IP addresses AND from ranked and related sites. No use having simple links from non-related sites. Goggle et al are too smart for that. AND, the link has to be formatted in a certain way. Your keywords should be in the link text.

You put all of this together - you will get high search engine rankings.

How do we make our client site work? We have several RANKED and lawyer-related sites. We are adding about 20 new sites with different IP addresses Q1 2008. We will then have the ability to provide dozens of valid links to a client's site. We also use all our knowledge to design the site for SE spiders. In other words, we give the spiders what they want.