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James De Martino

Barbara Isenhour

Vancouver, WA
Medicaid Lawyer


Barrister in Auckland

WHO IS Ingvar?

Ingvar Grimsmo

("The Idea Guy")

Ingvar helps people take the next step.


(Aside from his piano playing!)

Ingvar has been in business since 1972, the past 18 as an independent consultant. During the past few years he has been helping attorneys with their internet marketing strategies. He does this by consulting with the client on what works on the web and convert web sites into client magnets.

Previously he has worked with government agencies, professional services practices and companies internationally solving IS, management and marketing issues in a wide variety of industries. He prides himself of the ability to research issues, and present to clients ideas that work. He is well know for his creative processes and the ability to motivate others to take action.

His unique combination of technical and marketing skills makes him well positioned to work with clients helping them market their services in a high-tech world. He calls this Techo-Marketing.

Sample Projects:



















Clients internationally
Using his own experience and research he helps companies with their marketing efforts. He also evaluates web sites and suggests creative ways to increase the site's marketing value. The result is a more compelling and useful marketing effort. Recently he has re-done several web site to make them more persuasive and effective. He works mostly with professional services firms such as lawyers, architects and engineers.

He has designed and presented several popular workshops during his career. Notable ones include a series of computer crime seminars to law enforcement agencies in NY, WA and OR and his current influence and marketing classes he teaches in WA and BC. He teaches at Western Washington University and Whatcom Community College. He is a popular and frequent speaker on marketing issues and the Internet.

Johnson The Florist PA 
Redesigned a POS/Accounting system for the 5th. Largest florist chain in the US. Assisted the CEO with marketing/sales and general management issues. Participated in a successful, multi-million dollar merger negotiation with Gerald Stevens of FL, a public company (NASDQ=GIFT).

A Major Software Company - WA
Contract assignment to evaluate and document a new software marketing strategy. This included extensive competitive research and analysis. Non-disclosure agreement in effect.

Re/Max Realty - BC
He conducted personality tests and influence workshops for agents at their annual conference.

High Tech Companies - Toronto, ON
Conducted sales training workshops, designed and implemented marketing strategies

Korvan Industries, Lynden WA.

Drawing on his technical experience he wrote a new time clock software for this multi-million dollar manufacturing plant. He also developed a software link between two BTrieve databases.

The Sheriff's Association of New York
He designed, marketed and conducted workshops for Sheriff's department throughout the state on law enforcement computer crime issues. These seminars drew the attention of NY media, including ABC/NBC and their local affiliates.

Major City Police Department
Narcotics/Intel divisions custom programs. Non-disclosure in effect

Warner - Lambert, Canadian Corporate Office - Project Leader/Analyst
Assigned to develop a document imaging system proposal to management in their regulatory affairs department. The proposal was accepted by management and subsequently implemented with few modifications.

Beaverite Products, NY - Business Analyst/Software developer
Developed, implemented and supported a custom software application in their 5 million dollar automobile gasket manufacturing department. The application included cost estimates, machine scheduling and department performance modules resulting in a drastic increase in productivity. In addition he installed and supported a 90 user Novell network for the company as well as trained users on various systems.

Climax Packaging Co., NY - Network Analyst
Re-configured a AS/400/Novell/Rhumba network. Analyzed security vulnerabilities and produced a security policy manual. Supported and trained end-users.

Lewis County Sheriff's Department, NY
Developed, implemented and supported custom applications to manage the entire department, including a photo imaging application. Supported and trained all end-users. These systems were also installed at several other law enforcement departments in NY. He was also a part time member of the department working with deputies on regular duties.

Various organizations and companies in NY and ON
Developed custom software applications in manufacturing, retail, insurance, service and construction industries. Assisted with marketing and general business issues.

Employment: VTECH Corp. - National Marketing Manager, 1990 - 1992
Bottom line responsibility for marketing operations of a Hong Kong based PC manufacturer. With a staff of five he was responsible for all marketing functions such as trade shows, advertising, corporate communications and a network of 90 dealers.

WANG Canada - Marketing Consultant, 1988 - 1989
Responsible for the roll-out of a new document imaging system in Western Canada.

NCR Canada, Ltd. - Regional Manager, Data Processing Division 1976-1986
Responsible for the overall management of the division's data centers in Western Canada. The division enjoyed a substantial growth due to the opening of new centers. Designed and implemented marketing/sales strategies resulting in the signing of several major accounts.

Computrex, Ltd. - Account Manager, 1975 - 1976
Sold computer output microfilm services to government and corporate accounts in British Columbia.

3M Canada Ltd. - Technical Sales Representative, 1971-1974
Territory responsibility for computerized microfilm equipment in Eastern Canada