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James De Martino

Barbara Isenhour

Vancouver, WA
Medicaid Lawyer


Barrister in Auckland


Farar & Lewis

Boss Law


Texas Truck Accident Attorney


Los Angeles Personal Injury Lawyer

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Going fishing for clients? Not so easy.

First step: Get a web site that works.

A custom, marketing driven
law firm web site for less.

What's the catch?


Links from other elder law related web sites are like votes.

So you get noticed by search engines.

Let us take a
quick look
at your site (FREE!)

Article: New Zealand Law Society "LawTalk": Why a web site can be a waste of money

Our only goal is to create a web presence for our clients that produce qualified client inquires. We do that by building search engine friendly sites and using our own law content network to provide high-value link to client sites. We have worked with law firms since 2001. Boating Accident Injury Lawyer

"You got my site up on the first 3 on MSN in just three weeks. Very impressive."

"Ingvar, Thank you for all your efforts. This is pretty exciting for me. I have intended to have a Web site for 4 years, and it is finally happening."

We work mostly with small to medium law firms who want more than a "brochure web site". Our clients' web sites get high rankings on most search engines and generate qualified law client referrals to their law firms.

"We are getting more and more people calling us from the web site. I shudder to think of the state we'd be in without the web site and your efforts in helping us maintain it. Jimmy" (Jim DeMartino, Elder Law Attorney)

"Ingvar is a genius at designing websites for effective marketing of professional services" Thomas D. Begley, JR.

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Law Firm Internet Marketing is not easy, but over the past years and over 100 successful custom law firm web sites later we have learned a few law firm marketing tricks.

Most web sites are designed by 'highly competent' technical wizards - with no regard for what makes people act. You might have a web site that looks good, but doesn't offer one bit of incentive for a potential client to choose you as their lawyer. Medicare | Obamacare Health Insurance Marketplace

Your Law Firm Web Site must be a marketing driven site and produce
qualified law firm client inquires.

If you have a site that simply gathers cyberdust - you have come to the right place. There are about 90 proven factors that make or break any web site. Ignore them, (as most do) and you'll have a site people simply ignore and move on to your competitor. Implement them - and you'll get more qualified visitors and clients. Your choice. 

Lawyer Marketing based on developing trust is different than services marketing. The key to this is to provide enough information to establish trust and for the client to see you as an expert. Then they will seek you out. You need to provide useful insight into the problems you solve.

You'll get better results - I guarantee it.


Sample Law Firm Sites

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