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Industry experts place hourly programmer rates at $110 to $200 per hour.
They also estimate that the cost of an average, custom website range from a low of $5,000
to a median price of $45,000. Figures often quoted for small firm sites range from
$10,000 to $20,000. Larger corporate sites can easily exceed $100,000.


We charge a flat $2,650 for a custom site for up to 3 attorneys.
Then it's $500 additional per attorney.
A $1,000 retainer gets the process started, not all web projects qualify.

End of story. You compare.

Sites are custom designed. They will be search engine optimized and registered with the major search engines. We work very closely with our clients to match the design with the firm's overall image while keeping in mind that a site needs to be clean, easy to navigate and more importantly - persuasive.

We also provide dozens of one-way inbound links to your site. Properly formatted for optimum search engine indexing.

We don't clutter the sites up with databases, Active-X calendars and other hard to maintain frills. Visitors want information, real how-to information on how to solve their problem. If you are looking to create a graphics masterpiece with interfaces and all that jazz - we're not the guys. If you want a site that simply works - you have come to the right place.

We also offer a quarterly update service for $295 per quarter.
This includes minor changes to the pages, speaking engagements updates, newsletter additions etc.
Any custom work will be charged at our hourly rate of $95.00.

P.S. We can do this because we have low overhead and we want to pass the savings to our clients.