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Farar & Lewis


Defense Lawyers in Los Angeles

If you have a run in with the law in Los Angeles and surrounding areas, you have many choices of defense lawyers. Once you determine that you actually need a defense lawyer, you search for the firm that best matches your needs.

Experience is very important, for example if you have been charged with assault, a lawyer specializing in DUI might not have enough experience to effectively defend you in this case.

The stage you are in also matters. Many lawyers will represent clients in their trial stages. This is the most common stage in court, and popularized by the media.

However, appellate lawyers and attorneys require additional experience and certifications. Appellate attorneys can also only represent clients in specific courts. If looking to appeal a decision in a lower court, choose an attorney with experience and the ability to practice in a higher court for your jurisdiction.

In LA, Farar & Lewis LLP is the top defense lawyer in town. A former district attorney will defend you. They have over 70 years combined experience in defense law.

Via: Farar Criminal Defense