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James De Martino

Barbara Isenhour

Vancouver, WA
Medicaid Lawyer


Barrister in Auckland

Call me now to discuss how your law firm website can be a client magnet.

Hello, I am Ingvar Grimsmo, and I can help you get a
competitive edge on the web.

I work with some of the top guys in the business.
Together, we simply make it work.

I have a little known passion: Photography. If you want great pictures for your office or home - check out my web site:


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You have many choices when it comes to getting marketing help. By specializing in professional services businesses such as law firms we draw on our own experiences and research.

We have tried it all, some with success others produced failures.

Should you deal with us?

YES if you want to see better results. On or off the web. 

YES if you value experience and professionalism. I personally have 32 years experience in business, and I work with a group of very talented advisors. We constantly update our process so you can be assured that the advice we give will be current and relevant.

YES if you are running out of ideas on how to achieve better success. We have done the research, so you don't have to. Our research now contains hundreds of marketing, influence and persuasion strategies.

YES if you want on-going help. By following up with clients the result is that they tend to follow through with their on-going marketing strategy. Essential for success. We return e-mails and phone calls promptly.

Our Firm
J2 MediaGroup Inc.'s sole objective is to help clients create and implement successful marketing strategies. We do this by working with you to refine your approach based on your objectives.

Our Clients
Since 1988 we have worked with clients from many countries in many industries. Many of our more recent clients have been small businesses selling products and services. Some are non-profit organizations wanting to create a compelling sales message to increase the donation volume.

Our Style
We believe in the simple approach. We don't have fancy offices, many employees or other unnecessary expenses. Our team works mostly virtually, except when we have local clients in the pacific northwest. Personally I am usually available 7 days a week by e-mail. Except when I am out there taking pictures. ( Then I turn off my cell phone and computer.

Getting results from marketing is not easy. By working together, pooling our talents and never giving up, we can meet our goals.